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'78 CX project finished

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It took me 2 years, but finally my '78 CX500Z restoration project has finished! In my opinion the bike looks great. From some angles and distance it looks like new:)

With all the money the parts cost me, I could easily have bought 2 or 3 bikes from eBay or so. But I don't regret at all what I did. I've learned a lot about this bike and about restoring in general.

The bike isn't ready for 100% yet, it still needs some work at some details, but I consider that to be part of the regular maintenance.

I'd like to say thanks to you guys, for helping me out when I posted questions in the old forum.

Check out the latest pictures I took HERE or HERE.
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Thanks for the compliments!

I'm in Holland indeed.

And I added new pics 5 minutes ago. I didn't like the garagedoor in the background of the pics, so I changed the background and took some new pics:)

Didn't know the word nacelle either. Man keeps learning on this forum
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I could change the radiator cover for the aluminium one, it would look much better indeed. But the 78 had the plastic one originally, so I think I'll keep it that way.

The color is candy sapphire blue which is the original color. I really don't know if it was only sold in Europe.

The next challenge will be restoring the Rickman Polaris shield (don't know what you call it) I bought for $75. I'm still thinking about the color I will give it. It must be an easy-to-spray color, so no metallic with an extra candy layer, but simple like white or so. I know the black/red CX looks great with a black Rickman shield, but the blue one...???

Thanks again.
That's the joy of the internet. Sometimes you say something and it is interpreted as something else. Maybe if I had a blue one I wouldn't have sold mine. But I wasn't going to paint it because that wouldn't have been right.

Even this duel disc yellow shitpump looks better than a black and red in my opinion.


And yes gullepumpe means shit pump or some rough variation of interpretation.

Speaking of "gulle": yesterday a truck with pigshit exploded in Germany. Check this out: PHOTOS. Very happy I wasn't standing there at that very moment. Look at the white Ford Focus, it's become mostly brown/black, whatever color gulle has...
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