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'78 CX project finished

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It took me 2 years, but finally my '78 CX500Z restoration project has finished! In my opinion the bike looks great. From some angles and distance it looks like new:)

With all the money the parts cost me, I could easily have bought 2 or 3 bikes from eBay or so. But I don't regret at all what I did. I've learned a lot about this bike and about restoring in general.

The bike isn't ready for 100% yet, it still needs some work at some details, but I consider that to be part of the regular maintenance.

I'd like to say thanks to you guys, for helping me out when I posted questions in the old forum.

Check out the latest pictures I took HERE or HERE.
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Nice and blue.

The headlight piece is called a nacelle and is most commonly on the 78 cx500's in north america.
I don't like them but maybe it's the color. I like the blues and the reds.
Why so negative?
Good question. There's got to be a good reason.

I'm not sure if it's because it seems like the US/North America got the short end of the stick with the reduced version and the choice of no choice in color or if I just don't like the maggot style we got.

Where's Sture when you need him. Isn't he the one with one of each color. Well either way when you look at it the red and blue ones look great next to the black and red striped turd.

I had one and a good one. But only for 6 months. In all the time I only put 4 miles on it. All the riding went to my main bike which I have had for 7 years. After selling it I put on another 12 miles or so riding it at my brothers. He was the lucky sucker who got it. I may even ride it this next week when i'm up there but I just didn't/don't like the black and red ones. Here's a pic of the one I sold just so you know I'm not really flaming it. They are good bikes.

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That's the joy of the internet. Sometimes you say something and it is interpreted as something else. Maybe if I had a blue one I wouldn't have sold mine. But I wasn't going to paint it because that wouldn't have been right.

Even this duel disc yellow shitpump looks better than a black and red in my opinion.


And yes gullepumpe means shit pump or some rough variation of interpretation.
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I like the red and black ...


His was blue. Mine was red and black.

This is his.

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