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'78 CX project finished

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It took me 2 years, but finally my '78 CX500Z restoration project has finished! In my opinion the bike looks great. From some angles and distance it looks like new:)

With all the money the parts cost me, I could easily have bought 2 or 3 bikes from eBay or so. But I don't regret at all what I did. I've learned a lot about this bike and about restoring in general.

The bike isn't ready for 100% yet, it still needs some work at some details, but I consider that to be part of the regular maintenance.

I'd like to say thanks to you guys, for helping me out when I posted questions in the old forum.

Check out the latest pictures I took HERE or HERE.
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Very nice!

' 78 is best looking year with the 'standard' fuel tank,silver Comstars and headlight nacelle,IMO.

Nice work JiMi.

Wow, and I thought I was the only one who considers the '78 the best looking of the line. It's unique and defied(s) conventions of styling.

Ditto on the good work and looks of the bike. On the next one you should start out with a better example, much less to spend on basics that way and more $$$$ left over for the niggling little details necessary to get it back to showroom.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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