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500 turbo wiring diagram

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Has anyone got a clean 500T wiring diagram. My pdf service manual is hard to read.

I think my 7v (meter gauges) regulator has taken a dump but cant see the wiring colours to tracce it.

I guess it is behind the instrument cluster?
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Ah! I think I found regulator. Is it under the speedo? From what I can see from the wiring a simple test is to probe the thermostat wire which should read 7v (mine reads 0v).

How do I get to it? Headlight out?

A wiring diagram will still help if anyone has one please :)
Thanks guys!!! Even at my age I can see them!!!🤓
So i've searched but can find if there is an easy way to get at the 7v regulator?

My poor resolution service manual shows the whole panel coming out once the left and right hand dashboard panels come out then the whole cluster has 4 bolts holding it in. Sound right?
Thanks. I saw they were in the US so shipping/import will add a bit. I am in UK

I am OK with electronics so I spend the day testing and digging out the old regulator. I also checked the current flow required to power both gauges and its about 250ma, so not a lot.

A standard L7805 regulator will power it and I saw the post about adjusting the output voltage to 7v using a LED as a ground bias. I don't trust LED's long term too much (lots of cheap Chinese copies about) so I have designed a circuit that will fit in the original box. Will post pics etc. when its all done.
Thanks for the pointers.
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