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30 years later... CX #2!

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Hope this works! First time posting a photo/using Photobucket...

Didn't feel like haggling (a first!) and paid the asking price. Bike is wonderful, and all I need is a license. Supertanker... you're right! Cosmo Black! and it IS an 82, so I had the 79 Custom in Candy Plum Red, and my new baby. Thanks guys, I hope to contribute as much as I gain... !

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way to go!
Nice bike. If you don't mind how much did you pay?
Looks good, and T.I. is a bonus.

Nice bike. If you don't mind how much did you pay?

See this thread;
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Gopher... I really loved your analogy... Aruba for $$$ and nothing to show.. so it felt right, and I did it! and Supertanker... I paid $1600 for the bike, two new tires, and a windshield. Clear title, and the owner was sad to see it go. Good enough for me!
Congrats, she's a looker.
That's a pretty bike. I used to have the exact same one, an '82 in black like yours.
Thanks all! Got some cleaning and polishing and ... well, you know.. ! I'm stoked to ride again, and appreciate all the help and kind comments thus far. PS... thanks again Cobram for the heads up!
Well..... I got mine for nothing because I did not have 100 dollars with me. He said to come bach tomorrow with the trailer since he took the battery out and come get the bike.

The story goes from there.
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