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2022 HTTA AMISH RALLY information post.

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Because of a mix-up by Cabin Management, the dates have changed!

DATES: Sunday, August 7th to Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

NEW DATES: Friday, August 12th to Friday August 19th.
Wheel Tire Plant Tree Motor vehicle

LOCATION: Zeager's Mountain View Camp, Lewisburg, PA.


I am the coordinator/organizer for this year’s rally, a fancy title for the guy who opens the gate and collects the rent. This post is locked, a discussion thread, with additional information, can be found HERE.

A get together of the official unofficial Honda CX/GL owners and aficionados club in Pennsylvania Amish country;
THE HTTA (Honda Transverse Twins Association.)

This year’s rally is dedicated to the memory of Phil Gilbert, who found this wonderful location and gave birth to the Amish Rally.
There will be a toast to Phil, which, like Phil, with be a fine aged mellow spirit with a slight bite.

The rally started back in 2001, so this will be the 21st Anniversary.

It is open to anyone who rides, used to ride, or is thinking about riding any of the Honda twisted twins (CX and GL's). It is also open to those who ride other makes and models who share an interest in these bikes, or in motorcycles in other words, anyone is welcome.

The location is west of Milton, PA. Arrival and departure times are up to each person. Individual reservations will not be taken - just show up! Cabin is usually open by late afternoon/early evening on the first day.

The fee is only $12 per night per person for the rental of the camp. This fee goes to the owners of the camp; no one is making any money from the rally.

Food is up to each person attending. There are two complete kitchens with three refrigerators and plenty of dishes, cups, pots, pans etc. There are times we’ll go out to eat at a variety of different eateries, we play it by ear. Some days, we may barbecue or cook at the cabin. There will be a donation kitty to chip in for house meals, snacks and staples. Donations also cover consumables not included in the camp rental fee, such as napkins, paper towels, TP, etc. No one person handles all victual procurement, a running tally is kept, this system works very well to keep the cabin properly victualed.

We leave the cabin stocked and in the same or better condition than we found it, that way we can continue to be welcomed back.

There may be daily rides, but nothing is set in stone. We just play it by ear and relax. Very informal, some don't even bring a motorcycle, coming for the camaraderie and to take a
break from the usual.

There may be a member or two who hold a tech session for those interested, others may bring parts and stuff to trade or sell, use the discussion thread to get rid of what you don’t want and get what you need. Some beer is consumed, some people may prefer to sleep outside in tents or campers, most sleep inside on one of the many beds. Bring a sleeping bag. Earplugs can be useful. The camp has WiFi.

The camp is private; our group will be the only one there. Attendees show up from all over. Some come for part of a day and others are there for the duration.

These links provide additional information from the last few rallies:

2021 Amish Rally Forum Discussion Thread
2020 Amish Rally Forum Discussion Thread
2019 Amish Rally Forum Discussion Thread

Information supplied by the managers of the camp:
PLEASE READ. (*This hasn’t been updated in a while, if it is, I will post here.)

"ZEAGERS Mountain View Cabin
4496 Spruce Run Road
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Zeagers Mountain View Cabin is located in Union County, Pennsylvania, about seven miles west of the town of West Milton in full view of the Nittany Mountain. Going north on US Route 15, drive about 2 miles beyond the center of Lewisburg and past the Sheetz/ Walmart complex on the left. Take the next exit to the right off Rt. 15, which is West Milton. Proceed straight ahead to the traffic light, then turn left at this light. Follow this road for about 4 miles to a small village crossroad called Kelly Point. Go across a short creek bridge, then immediately turn right onto Sunrise Road. Follow this road around several sharp corners, past a small white frame Sunrise United Methodist Church on the right and then the large Spruce Run water dam on the left. The entrance to the camp is on the right just beyond the water dam, look to the right, and you should see the cabin signpost.

There are 2 full kitchens with 3 refrigerators, 2 stove/ovens, microwave, dishes, cooking utensils, and tableware are available. There are 16 Double sized beds with Full Size Extra Long mattresses that require Queen size sheets. Each bed has a bedspread, and you will need your own bedding or sleeping bags. You should bring your own towels and washcloths, and trash bags to take trash home with you when you leave. The cabin will comfortably sleep 32 people. We trust you to take reasonable care of the property, and suggests are welcome following your stay.

Long distance phone calls can be made and received at no charge. (It would be safe to assume this is US long distance only.) Wireless internet access is available for an additional $10 group donation. Security code is on back of the modem. A campfire area is designated, but please do not burn or dispose of trash at the cabin. A campfire area is designated, but please do not burn or dispose of trash at the cabin.

Upon departure, make sure the cabin is clean and tidy. Make sure electric heaters are turned off and any fire in the stove is completely out. Each Party is responsible for any damage sustained to any part of the facility during your stay.

We suggest a donation of $12.00 per day for each adult and $6.00 for each child ages 4-12.

We welcome you to Zeagers Mountain View Cabin, and sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. We trust you to take reasonable care of the property. Suggestions are welcome.

Thank you and may God bless."
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Cabin management has informed me that they made a mistake in scheduling.
We will start on FRIDAY, AUGUST 12th, and finish on FRIDAY AUGUST 19th.
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