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I am in need of a 2.5" (wide) clamp for a 2" exhaust pipe. it's for cosmetic purposes, and will cover some welding marks on my tail pipes. i've been able to find 3", 2", etc, but not 2.5". I've though about using 3" and cutting 1/2" off, but all the ones i've seen that are 3", are complicated and/or have bolts towards the outsides. It has to be 2.5" wide.

here's one like what I need, but it's 3" wide, for a 2" diameter pipe

here's my exhaust :

I need from the downward bend (where the tail pipe meets the h-box) to the grinded off nut used to be (exactly 2.5") any more will run into the frame.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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