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1985 gl500 trident

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Need a link to buy new starter solenoid.
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I had a good used one on hand when mine failed so I have never bought a new one but I'd suggest calling your local Honda dealer first and if they can't get it look at places like David Silver Spares and CMSNL. But before you start shopping see my comments about what model it is below (the solenoid is one of the differences).

Welcome to the forum. Please add your location and your bike's model and model year to your profile so that you don't have to remember to tell us every time and we don't have to keep asking when you forget (see Forum Settings link in my signature).
But you need to figure out what you actually have before you do that. Here is the picture you posted a pic of in another thread and I seriously doubt that it is really an '85 or a GL500.,onerror=redirect,width=1920,height=1920,fit=scale-down/

To start with, the frame looks like a CX500 to me and based on the side cover, fuel tank and forks I'd say a CX500C (someone with more direct info please confirm or refute this). Yes, I see that the engine says GL500 but lots of these bikes have had their engines replaced with one from a different model over the years (if yours is an '82 CX500C a GL500 engine would be plug & play).
On top of that '82 was the last year for both the GL500 and the CX500C.
The best way to determine which model year you actually have is to look at the VIN plate on the frame's steering head.

And welcome to the world of antique vehicle ownership (they own us, not the other way around). Wgatever your bike is it is over 4 decades old and may or may not have had all of the maintenance necessary to keep it safe & reliable so it is highly recommended to download the Factory Shop Manual for your model (available through the CX Wiki - link in my signature) and go through all of the service procedures, regardless of whether your bike has reached the specified mileage.
Note that while aftermarket shop manuals are pretty much necessary for people without factory training to work on a lot of makes & models of bike the FSMs for the CX/GL500/650 family of bikes are so well written & laid out that the FSM is really the only book you need and and the aftermarket books are secondary references at best.

I also recommend looking on all rubber parts with suspicion because rubber does not age gracefully. Check the date codes on your tires and replace them if they are over 5 years old no matter how good they look & feel (old rubber simply cannot flow around the irregularities in the asphalt well enough to grip, especially if it is cool or wet).
It looks like it may have the original rubber brake line, which should have been replaced every 2 or 3 fluid changes (= 5 or 6 years) so I recommend shopping for a modern stainless braided one (they last practically forever and double the life of the fluid). And don't forget things like the rad hoses and the boot between the engine and swingarm (they can crack on the bottom where you don't see it).
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Good catch looking at plate can now confirm 1981 cx500c. Jh2pc0100. Model rm 209245
Double check that you are reading the model year and not the date of manufacture. Most bikes made for the North American market are manufactured in the last quarter of the year before the model year so that new models can be at the dealers in time for the January bike shows (for example, my 1984 CX650 was made in 9/83)
A VIN in the JH2PC010*BM200006 series would be an '81 CX500C but one in the JH2PC010*CM300001 series indicates an '82 CX500C
You can find out what year the engine is from here

Note that two different ignition systems were used in this family of bikes, the Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) as used on all CX500 models except CX500E and 1982 only CX500C and the Transistor Amplifier Ignition (TI or TAI) as used on the GL500, '82 CX500C, CX500E and all CX/GL650 models. The TI system is powered by the bike's charging system, which has a pretty standard 3 phase (charging only) alternator. The CDI is powered & triggered by extra windings on the alternator's stator.
(Note that, while both alternator stators have the same footprint, the TI stator is rated for 252W but because so much room on the CDI stator is taken up by the special windings there is only enough room left for a charging section rated at 150W)

Installing a TI GL500 engine in a CDI CX500 requires either converting the engine to CDI or converting the bike to TI. A TI engine can be converted to CDI by installing the flywheel (= alternator rotor) and the engine rear cover (including CDI stator) from the CDI engine. Converting a CDI bike to TI would involve using the TI bike's wiring harness plus the handlebar switches and keyswitch.
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Looks much like my trike. You have the parking brake .. I replaced mine with one from " China "... doesn't work.... someone put a seat on the box top and foot pegs for the passenger.... something the police dept did not allow. I wonder how the top (fiberglass) can handle it... ? What type of reverse does his unit use ? Ford or Jeep rear axle. ? 😎
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