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Hi all,

Nasty issue that's been preventing me from riding -

Initial issue - front clamps occasionally lock up, loosening the bleed nipple helps.
  • Rebuilt caliper with parts from brakemasters, including new pistons and new seals, still locks up occasionally.
  • replaced brake hose with NOS brakehose from Japan - still locks up
  • the previous owner just replaced the reservoir so that's also new.

Current situation: the brake is dragging - front wheel cannot complete one revolution when spin by hand and lifted off the ground.

suspected issue: master cylinder act in a "check valve" fashion, because when I took the caliper off, and try to press the pistons back it won't buldge, even with a C-clamp.
The Caliper even made a dent on my brand new C-Clamp without the piston ever retreating (caliper not bled).

Photos show how hard the C-clamp worked...

But before I rebuild the entire master cylinder....I wanted to get a second opinion on what this could potentially be - to avoid making the previous mistake of rebuilding the front caliper at least 3 times without zero in on the problems first....

Appreciate any help!
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