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For sale, 1981 Honda GL500 Cafe Racer color White - Perfect Winter project... I started doing this project but can not finish it. I have installed filter pods and re-jetted the carburetor, installed mufflers, repaired the fuel petcock valve, installed mirrors, turn signals... Has new odometer and tachometer cables. Right now it has a problem I have not been able to resolve which is coolant mixing with oil in the motor. Doing research in this forum found it could be a head gasket or the mechanical seal and oil seal. Changed the water pump mechanical seal but the problem persists, maybe I did not do it right and has to be re-done. The motorcycle starts and runs just fine, but this problem has to be fixed before you can continue to use it. I have attached a picture for reference of how I wanted the motorcycle to look. I can provide all manuals if needed. It is up for SALE AS IS.

The motorcycle is located in Chicago, IL. I have clean title for it.

I am asking $1000 for it

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