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Good evening all, this is my first post in this forum so please be nice!!

I have recently aquired a fantastic 1980 cx500, however this has sat in a chaps garage for 4 or more years with out running!!

As this was given to me the idea is to spend as little as possible and be on the road on two wheels for next to nothing, however i am having a few problems.

Right below is what i have done so far;

1. Removed inspected and cleaned carbs.

2. Drained fuel and replaced with new in tank, proved operation of fuel tap.

3.New choke cable

4. New spark plugs

5. put small amount of oil into pots/cylinders to free up any possible seizure.

6. Freed up the front brakes as were seized and the back still needs doing!

Now for the problems,

1. The battery is buggered so i used one from my sv650 also a v twin but not the same battery! however when the plugs are removed the starter motor spins over great, but when the plugs are inserted it turns over very very very slowly and the batter dies very very quickly.

2. Have tried to jump it from a car and a booster pack but nothing! this makes no difference at all!

So i guess what i am trying to say is what should be the next move, I have spoken to freinds and someone who is a bike mechanic and they said that the sv650 battery would have been fine! I was thinkng that i may remove the cylinder heads and check operation of valves!

Wuld love to hear what you chaps think, when i get the chance i will take pics as i go!

Your help is much appreciated!


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Hi Aaron, With the brakes locking on .. Often the return hole can become blocked in the master cylinder.

It can usually be fixed with a pin. Be careful not to damage piston. Do a search here or the au site to find the exact procedure.

Same goes for the starter motor. There is a plate inside the starter that is a common earth between the armature

and the casing that doesn't earth all that well over time. This can be repaired reasonably easily. Again do a search.

It would be nice to try a known working spare!!!



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Aaron, first of all welcome to the forum.And it's nice to see another CX coming to life.

My vote is on the starter motor too. I believe there is a post about cleaning and rebuilding them in the general forum section. Look through all the post's that are pinned to the top in the reference post. Here is One of the rebuild post, and here is the ground improvement link.

Good luck on the build up. There are LOTS of helpful post's in the reference section to refer to also that may help you. But were always here if you need us.

Look forward to seeing the bike as it gets revived.
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