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My bike is a 1980 model, with Murray's Carbs and Rae-San ignition. I bought it last fall, and have been working on it for the last few weeks.
I haven't really done any major mechanical work though, mostly electrical. The only thing was cleaning the carbs, as the old fuel had been siting for several months.

I took this video to ask if any of you can listen to the engine, and tell me if it sounds healthy or not. But when I played it back I also noticed the backfire at 0:40 and 1:40. Are there any common causes for backfire? I haven't adjusted the valves yet, but am planning to do so soon. Mind you, this was taken when the engine was cold, maybe I should have let it warm up a bit?

The bike has roughly 77 000km on it, so plan is to do a full triple bypass this winter, but I would like to get it running for this season at least. The previous owner said that the mech seal for the water pump was leaking a bit. Should I change this before riding the bike at all, or is it okay to leave it for some time? I've installed a water temp sensor through my Acewell speedo, so I have that under surveillance at least. Speaking of, what is a healthy idle and riding temperature for this bike? And when should I start to be concerned?

Apart from that, are there any other jobs I should do before riding it? There have been 7 previous owners, and I don't know what has / hasn't been done.

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