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1980 CX 500 Café Racer Build

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Index to this Thead
Numbers correspond to the page numbers.

1. Intro to the Form!

2. Tear Down
Cylinder Replacement, Carb Cleaning
CBR600RR Front End Swap, Finding Muck in the Engine

3. Triple Bypass
Simple Tach Holder

4. Electrical Fan Up-Grade
Installed Cam Chain Guide

5. Wont Start
Stator Pick-ups Reversed

6. CX500 to CBR600RR Controls Rewired Right Side
CBR600RR Gas Cap Rekeyed to original CX500 Key

7. Wiring Diagrams
Left side conversion, Relay Wiring for Hi-Lo Beam
Oil & Neutral Lights installed in Triple Tree Top

8. USB Power Outlet installed
Front Calipers Modified for GL1000 Spoked Wheels
1st Under Mount Seat Pan

9. New Headlight, Fan Electrical Diagram
Radiator Temp Switch Install, Moved Electrical Under the Seat

10. Under Mount Seat Pan Continued
Failed Attempted Rear Sets

11. Smaller Blinkers Installed
Shortened Throttle Cables, Rear Brake Light Wiring
Rear Set Tabs Made, Fuse Box Moved to Under the Seat

12. Engine Name Plates Comped (Never Made)

13. Tach Gauge Design
Rear Brake Reservoir Bracket, 1st iPhone Holder Bracket

14. MotionPro Cable End Link
Started the Rear Wheel Conversion, Drilled Rotor (Ended up too Big)
Hammerhead Shocks Fitted

15. Rear Caliper Painted and Modified
New Deluxe Tank

16. Rear Set Tabs Continued
Front Wheel Spacers

17. Tank Mock Ups
Started the Front Rotor Adapters

18. Stripping Frame for some Welding
Welding Rear Set Tabs, New Spokes
New Cone Mufflers, Front Rotor Spacer Diagram

19. Failed Rear Rotor Grinding
CNC’ed Front Rotor Adapters
Hammering Fork Indents in Tank

20. CNC’ing Continued
Front Fork Spacer Replaced
Milling the Rear Rotor Smaller

21. Rear Wheel Spacers & Caliper Bracket

22. Rear Caliper Bracket Diagram, Removing the Un-Needed Frame Tabs
Front Wheel/Rotor Spacers Installed, Front Wheel Spacers Diagram

23. Rotor Hub Adapter Diagram

24. Installing Murray’s Carbs
Mounting Tires

25. Mock Up of Bike

26. First Ride After Rebuild
Muffler Options & Baffles

27. Baffle Discussion, CNC’ing Rear Bracket
Deluxe Tank Frame Tabs, Ground thru Wires Repair

28. More CNC Maching, Pink Foam Seat Mock Up
Seat Shape Discussion, Rear Caliper Bracket Install (Had to be remade)

29. Radiator Shroud Design

30. Can’t Spell
Brass Rod Mod, Tach Bracket Revisited

31. Tach Bracket Finalized

32. Baffles Installed
New Under Seat Pan, Final Rear Caliper Bracket

33. Under Seat Pan Finalized
Dropped off Bike to Metal Fabricators
Tach Face Plate Made
Exhaust System Made
Shifter Lever Made

34. Muffler Routing & Finishing, Battery Tray
Petrol Tank Rear Bracket Made, Tank Petrol Cap Installation

35. Tail Section is Started
Tank Cap Welded In
Tail Light Installed

36. Tail Section Almost Done
Stupid Battlestar Comment
Seat Pan Comps
Bike Returns Home

37. Final Frame Strip
Cleaning Up Center Stand
Final Frame Clean Up

38. Disassemble Continues
Rear Axle Spacers Finalized, Exhaust Wrap
Rear Axel Spacers Diagram
Painting Parts that Cannot Be Powder-coated, Rear Shocks Painted

39. Tank/Cap Progress
Polishing Engine Parts
Lye removes Anodization

40. Tank, Tail Seat Pan Getting Close to Being Finished
Under Tail Cover Made, Final Under Mount Seat Pan Made, Radiator & Under Seat Pad Diagrams

41. Battery Bracket Made, Parts Being Prep’ed for Powder Coat,
Parts Being Prep’ed for Anodizing, Death Trap?

42. Parts Dropped off to Powder Coaters
Powder Coat Parts List

43. Parts Back fro the Powder Coaters, Failed Radiator

44. Assembly Starts

45. Assembly Continues

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I just picked up a 80 CX500 with 10,112 mile on the clock, it is a pretty clean bike one owner, 82 year old could/would no longer ride it. Did not have the heart to tell him I was going to chop it and make it a Café Racer. That said riding it home today it had a knocking in the engine and the oil seals need replacing.

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Its a real shame to sacrifice such a nice survivor to the chop.

I like cafe racers, but I LOVE clean originals.

It is yours to do with as you wish,but I see too many silk purses turned into pigs ears.

If you are going to strip and chop, would it not be easier to use a barn find?

Tons of CX owners would be thrilled to have an original in as nice a condition as yours.

Just my opinion.


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exactly what I think!
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Stan ;)
Young boys LOVE cafe racer
Old boys LOVE clean originals
I Think You are in the age between.
May i say midlife crisis ?
When I was a boy, cafe racers were in the future.

The factory fresh look has always been my favourite.

With so many different models available from different manufacturers, choice is available.

There are some shining examples of gorgeous cafe bikes here and on other forums, BUT for every beauty I see there seems to be ten that look like the project lost funds or ambition part way thru.

I have a bike that I could cafe and I plan to in the future. It will have to be within my mechanical and financial limits, and that holds me back.

The drive to personalize our rides is different in all of us. I like that.

I'm 61. If this is midlife, I didn't save enough to keep me & the bikes going.:D

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I completely understand the "keep it original" thing. I have 12 vintage scooters in my collection, and some are all original and some are restored.

I have the desire, time and funds to see this Café Racer though to the end. I never do anything half way.

Thanks for you posts and comments. I just disagree with them and that is what make the world interesting. We all like different things.

I want a CX500 Café Racer.

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Nicely done on the scooters!!

As it's been said before - it is yours to do with as you wish.

Do it to the best of your abilities - and PLEASE POST LOTS OF PICTURES HERE AS THE BUILD PROGRESSES!!! :thumbsup:

P.S. There are people here willing to offer help / advice and sometimes the unwanted comments. :confused:

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Just bought a 2008 CBR600RR front end suspension off eBay. In the collection stage.

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I reckon that the CB will look great!

I found myself here too, looking, reading up on advice. This was after I found a lovely deal not too far away from where I live.

I am on a rather tight - read VERY, ie recycling loads and making use of fabrication - budget, but that is part of the fun for me. Else I'd go out and get someone else's creation ;)

Good luck with the build and, yes, post lots of pictures :)

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Look forward to see what you'll cut, chop and modify. Good work on the scooters. Later

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Lol its his bike not yours so why are you complaining? Nice bike man! Itll be perfect for the project! I can see a beautiful cafe racer already!

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Yo mike! Are you keeping that sweet luggage rack? If much you want for it!? Guys, would that fit my 80 Custom? Ive been looking for a good lookin rack to put my stuff!

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Yo mike! Are you keeping that sweet luggage rack? If much you want for it!? Guys, would that fit my 80 Custom? Ive been looking for a good lookin rack to put my stuff!
Mine is a 1980 Custom so yes it will fit perfectly. How about 50 plus shipping. I just bought a Deluxe tank and that is what he charged me so it would be like a trade. Let me know

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Last night I started looking over the bike gave it a good washing and started to notice a few buggered things. I guess riding the bike around the ranch too its toll. A lot of not original bolts and screws. Sad thing the screws that replaced most of the were not metric. He just used what was close and forced them in. I have a bit of welding and re-taping to do. But that is was is expected with a 33 year old bike from a farm. HAHAH

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The bike being in the good shape it is will have a lot of parts that I would be selling. if your looking for a missing or damaged part hit me up thru out the build. The whole front end is being replaced( forks, bars, disc brake, windshield, possibly the custom tank, seat, rear and font fenders, blinkers, side covers, foot pegs & both wheels. Well that is all I can think of at the moment.

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