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Hi all,

new to this forum. I am working on a 1979 CX500 chopper for my buddy, who for some reason refuses to join an owners forum, despite the wealth of information he would have access to. He traded a car for this bike, and I have redone the "rats nest" of wiring that was hacked on it, so I would hate for the bike to be a lost cause. It started when he told me he was trying to clean up the wiring, and arced the CDI to the positive battery terminal with a screwdriver. After that he said it would crank over but not start. He brought it to me, and I promptly got it to start. But it seems like it is running only on one cylinder. Funny thing is, it alternates between which cylinder seems to be running, but is usually the right cylinder, with the left one occasionally sputtering. The engine is very hard to start, and will not rev, just loads up and dies if the throttle is opened. Also, when it will idle, it does so as if the choke were on, even if it is off. Idle speed adjuster isnt even touching the throttle anymore, I tried to adjust it down.

Anyways, I cleaned the carbs, which were clean except for some foam filter remnants in the vaccuum chamber on top of the carb. Spark seems consistent when cranking over, not sure it is advancing. Only engine mods seem to be pod air filters and straight pipes. Questions are:

1: I am suspect of the jetting of the carbs. Has anybody run one of these bikes with pods and straight pipes? Any jetting guidelines?

2: Could a shock to the CDI cause any of the above stated problems?

3: Anything else I should check?

No local shops will touch this bike because it is either too old or because it is not stock. Any help is appreciated.


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