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Quick update on the custom framed '80 CX that I am building up.

Went to check on the progress of the frame and it's coming together quite well.

Just ordered some Progressive Suspension 14" 412 Heavy duty shocks for the rear, since the buddy I'm building this for is about 215lbs of muscle and plans to ride two up sometimes with his wife.

Currently mocked up w a seat that we won't be using as we're making a custom one. So that seat is for sale, unless I find a hell of a deal on a CX500 and just have a third bike :|


Excited to get this one back in my garage and the BMW swing arm one in my fabricator's shop to get that one going as well.

Next steps:
  • Finally tear into the engine
  • Assemble the motor / re-attach to the bike
  • Get all the electronics
  • Do a prelim wiring
  • Battery/Rectifier relocation
  • A few test rides
  • Disassembly
  • Paint
  • Deliver!

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Little update,

Tore down the engine and everything looks amazing!

One problem, gouged the surface below the mechanical seal so I had to buy another engine cover for that side. Thanks eBay!

Just put in some orders for the following:

  • Rae-San full Hall Effect kit
  • David Silver Spares G8 Stator, converting from the old G47
  • Misc washers / o-rings
  • New Mechanical Seal
  • Rick's Regulator / Rectifier

Aside from the snafu with the seal everything's going pretty smoothly.

The tensioner looks perfect, so not going to disassemble that.

Excited to get this all done then repeating it with the other build.


Also found this great wiring diagram which I will be using once I get the M.Unit Blue.... going to let my creditcard cool off for a few weeks while parts arrive.

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