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Hey guys,

I have been restoring a 1979 CX500 for the past year and a half. This baby sat since '82 and I was able to bring her back to life.

While I have learned invaluable lessons from my CX, I have reached a point where I really just want to road trip with my husband on a more reliable motorcycle.

The good:
MAC 2-to-1 exhaust pipes (sounds bitchin')
New tires
New shocks
Gas tank interior is coated
New petcock
Used, but newer carbs
New brake, idle, and throttle cables
New bar end mirrors (cheapies)
Tracker style bars
Rebuilt front brake caliper
Straight forks (after buying 3 different used sets)
New battery
Turn signals (not attached: needs a new flasher relay)
A bunch of other stuff
Both the side and center stand are still attached (pick a favorite)

The bad:
Gas tank needs to be repainted
Turn signals need to be attached
Needs new flasher relay
Has a fuel delivery problem that I simply cannot figure out
Needs a plate mount
Old wiring everywhere
Bike was in San Diego for who knows how long: left the bike with rust and corrosion, which I sanded off and covered with rustolium paint

The ugly:
I have the title, but it is from South Carolina
California DMV requires a bill of sale from the original owner
I was an idiot and bought the bike without the right paper work through a second hand party
Registration will be a pain in the butt

Check out every picture I have taken during my rebuild/resto

$1,700 OBO

My name is Kat. Feel free to email me with questions or offers at [email protected]
I live in Joshua Tree, CA.
I won't deliver, but I will help you load it. image.jpg

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I like it. To far for me...............
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