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After some serious consideration, I decided to ride a more modern bike (2014 Yamaha FJR1300) and would like to see my trusty steed(1978 CX500) go to a good home. Its a honey with just 16,451 miles and clean title. Always garage kept with no rust to speak of, good paint, no sun damage on the instrument cluster, no tears in the seat and overall all pretty well maintained. It even has the little plastic tool box that goes under the seat. Mostly original, starts right up and runs pretty good. It will hold 80 MPH on the interstate all day no problem. I had bought one these in 1978 when I in the Navy and put 30,000 miles touring the country so I know how reliable they can be (and how they can sometimes not). I bought this bike about 10 years ago with about 6,000 miles on it as a nostalgia buy when I caught my wife at a weak moment. At that time it had some strange engine clatter and the right hand exhaust valve kept getting of tolerance at an alarming rate. So I opened the engine and found that one of the exhaust cam follower pads was worn off. In addition the cam chain tensioner had failed and frankly there was a fair amount of metal in the bottom of the pan. So I secured replacement parts (some new, some used) and rebuilt the engine. I totally took everything apart and thoroughly cleaned everything up including the clutch and transmission and carbs. I replaced the cam, the cam chain, tensioner, and the cam followers. I honed the cylinders and lapped the valve seats and installed new rings and valve guides and seals. I change the oil and coolant at regular interval but since I have not put that many miles on since I have had it, only replaced the other fluids on the bike once. Those being front fork oil, final drive gear oil. Brake fluid has been changed twice I think. Also under my care and feeding I have installed a K&N Air Filter, new front brakes pads and caliper, new rear brake shoes, batteries as needed, etc. I haven't had any issues with ignition or alternator, but it is quirky in that you have to turn the bars to the left for the starter switch to work. The tires have plenty of tread but I would replace them right away due their age and signs of cracking.
Were I to keep the bike I would replace the rear shocks and fork springs, due their age and to give the bike a better ride. The mufflers have some rot but the H box seem to be holding together okay. I would also replace the brake lines due to their age and to give the brakes a better feel.
There is an annoying oil seep coming out around the right head gasket so I recommend the next owner replace that. It's not enough to leak on the floor but it does leave a bit of a film on your right trouser leg.
The bike comes with a mid size fly screen that helps with the highway commute and a good size tank bag that I don't need with the FJR. I also have the Haynes manual. That's about the long and short of it. I am offer it for sale at $1,200 and would consider going lower if I knew it wasn't going to get chopped up or bobbed into some hideous cafe conversion. Not that I am opposed to that look but this is just too nice a bike to depart from the original. In my humble opinion of course.
I live in Middle Tennessee and am more than happy to do a facetime or skype if you would like to see it start and hear it run. Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Car Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Tree

Rev 1: Here is link to video of cold start and running taken just the other day.
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