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1978 - 79 Silver Comstar Wheels

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I just want to know if anyone has put 78 - 79 silver comstars (not reversed comestars) on a 82 CX500c... Theres a member here that pollished his reversed comestars and they looked good. However, my personal prefrence leans heavily towards the 78 - 79 silver comstars. If anyone can chime in on this matter I would greatl appreciate it...
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you will have no problem putting comstars on a reverse comstar bike. if you find a set, get 'em and enjoy them. i have a nice comstar front rim i'll be looking to sell as soon as i make sure the goldwing rim i bought works for me. my mom lives in chesapeake. if i get up there before you find a set i'd be more than willing to bring my rim up for you.
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