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LMAO......oh now Lucky just calm down.....sorry to make you sick, do you need a polishing immunization ?

Actually you really don't need a place or a lot of money, so I don't know what you're getting at there ? Everything that I've polished I've done with the part ON the bike...the only things that were off the bike when polished were the carb caps and bowls...Larry did that. The body of the carbs I did right on the bike along with the clutch cover, radiator cover, final drive etc etc. SO you can do whatever polishing you need to do right out in your driveway IF you really wanted to. I don't have a power bench grinder/polisher like some guys do either, I did it all by hand on the WTH is YOUR real excuse here ?

As far as money goes the only money spent was $3 or so each time I get a container of Mothers Mag. So there really are NO excuses IF you want to do it then just freaking do it. I support 6 kids, do you think I'm freaking rich or something ??

That being said a lot of the CX brothers don't really care about the looks of their bikes they just want them to run right and that's ok too, it's just a personal thing with them as it is with me. I like to crack jokes about myself and my polishing fetish because a lot of others here have joked with me about it....but to each his/her own.

To say that the fact that someone else can do it and the fact that you can't makes you sick is also CRAP. The fact that my polishing makes you SICK is about the most bullshit I've ever read on here, WTH is that ??........So PLEASE quit your whining and get off your ass and just do it......that is IF you really want to !

AND I'd have NO interest in polishing a turd as you stated.

Rick, now i understand why and how you bike looks sooo good. 6 kids you say. I've got 4, one with cerebral palsy. some days i'll retreat to the garage for some mental down time often! I wish i could keep mine that nice but commuting 10-12k a year in all weather conditions make it tough ,not to mention the time the kids require. good work , polish on.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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