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17 hours, sore legs, and one happy bike.

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With all that has been going on in our lives, from getting married, to expensive truck repairs, to Danielle's back injury, surgery, recovery, and all of the additional honey-do's that come with the above, I finally caught a break this weekend, and tackled the 650T's turbocharger issue.

It turns out that rebuilding a CX turbocharger is not that difficult, but it is meticulous and time consuming. It is also easy to screw things up.

I was Greg Goss' test dummy for a CX turbocharger rebuild procedure manual. After making one really stupid, but easily avoidable mistake that required a replacement part (a turbocharger destroying mistake), I was able to rebuild the t-charger myself.

I have lots of notes for Greg to help prevent someone from making the same mistake that I did, so when his manual comes out, it should be pretty dummy proof.

Anyway, All day Saturday and half of Sunday, I spent swapping everything out, got her all bolted back together, and spent some time in the electrical, cleaning and di-electric greasing everything I could get at.

My idle is still a little funky, but I have a full set of sensors in storage, so I may try swapping one out to see what happens.

However, good news is that the rebuild process was a complete success in that with minimal help from Greg, I was able to tear down, strip, clean, and reassemble the "unserviceable" turbocharger without losing the balance that is so critical to these fast spinning VG1 & VG-3's.

No more red blinky lights!
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Great work, I am ancious to see the manual when it is ready. Do you take any photos of the process?
Greg took photographs along the way.

I started to take photographs of a "clocking" procedure (this is used if you forget to mark the turbo's intake and exhaust positions, or as in my case, break the bearing housing), but I stopped when I realized that all you have to do is get the turbo positions pretty close, and then line up the intake to the hose and mark it.

My notes cover things like, save all of the internals from the VG-1 or VG-3, because the bearing kit that I bought had a lot of stuff that is not to VG-1 or VG-3 specification. The bearings and rings were perfect, but things like the thrust bearing caused binding, and one of the other parts didn't fit the turbo's shaft.
Is the manual going to be available to members? Would find this an invaluable tool when the time does come to possibly rebuild mine.

Is the manual going to be available to members? Would find this an invaluable tool when the time does come to possibly rebuild mine.


Greg's intention is to do for the turbocharger what Larry did for carburetors.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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