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  1. Spotted - Northern WI (Iron River - not mine)

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Parked and presumably for sale, although it didn't have a sign on it when I stopped to take pictures. Pretty sure one had been there the first time I went by. Didn't find it on craigslist either, so maybe it's already sold. Silverwing GL500 parked at the intersection of Deep Lake Road & US 2...
  2. New member from SE Wisconsin

    New Member Introductions
    Just picked up an 82' GL500 Silverwing from a friend who is moving out of state. He bought it a year ago from a mechanic/driving test examiner. The bike has just shy of 50,000 miles on it. My first go with the starter yielded mixed results. The engine will "fire" but won't stay running...
  3. Pine Bluff

    General Discussion
    One comes across the most interesting motorcycles at the bi-annual Slimey Crud Run at Pine Bluff, Wisconsin, USA. Photo snapped on May 03, 2015.