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  1. Wiring in LED Headlight

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys first time poster here so if you need more info just ask. I have a 1982 cx500 custom. I have an LED headlight with integrated turn signals that I am trying to get to work. The main three prong plug works perfectly for the high and low beams. It's the remaining wires I'm having an issue...
  2. 1980 CX500 7 volt regulator wiring

    New Member Introductions
    Hello friends. I'm brand new to the forum and an old guy so please be patient. Ok.... I unplugged wiring in the headlight bucket to service the gauges, now I'm uncertain on where to plug in the three wires from the 7 volt regulator. At this point the gauges all work but I'm afraid I may be...
  3. Wiring retailer? Prefer Australia, but can go international

    Where Can I Find...
    G'day All, Trying to find a good wiring supplier, Prefer based in Australia (shipping, support etc) and also prefer to get the original colours etc. Also..... reuse old connectors after a clean? modern connectors? Thanks, Greg
  4. wiring from scratch questions

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I have a freshly rebuilt engine and I'm stuck on the wiring The previous wiring was junk and I'm probably gonna use a M-unit in the future once I am confident everything work as it should Right now I just want to start the engine, warm it up to check if there is no leak and synch the carbs...
  5. Wiring Worries and Other Sundry Wiring Questions

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello good people. This is my first CX500 build and I have a 1981 CX500c. I am attempting to sort out the wiring from nearly 40 years of shadetree mechanics wiring hacks. I am currently in the headlight bucket and have found two wires (with connectors) that I cannot identify. Ie. the brown...
  6. Headlight wiring issue

    Technical Help Forum
    Ok, so dont judge me too hard, but the other day I got a bit bored so understandably I decided to take the headlight off of my bike and try to rewire a new led headlight to it. This was all good until I clipped some wires and realized I dont know how to wire anything and that ive never had to...
  7. New wiring custom

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi, I intend to redo the wiring on my cafe/brat project and I need someone to confirm the information I gathered I can add lights, gauges, sensors, no problem. I want to focus on the bare minimum circuit to get the bike to run. I plan to use a Ballistic Evo2 8 cells, a SHINDENGEN MOSFET...
  8. Wiring Problems

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Everyone, New member here i have been a member for a few months now but not posted anything. I purchased CX500 as a project, knowing there would be issues i haven't touched it since buying it due to having zero time. I have taken a look this evening at the wiring as i was made aware it...
  9. Wiring harness from scratch

    Technical Help Forum
    Well guys, I'm on to the wiring phase of my build. And of all the various "phases", this one is the most intimidating. This past weekend I dusted the cobwebs off of the soldering iron and got all of the handlebar controls/switches wired into the M-button and neatly hidden in the headlight. I...
  10. Wires protruding from rear engine casing gone

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone I'm currently going over the parts I have for my first build I have two engines one a 78 and the other a 81 the 81 seems to be in better condition however when I had purchased it someone before seems to have cut the wires coming out of the rear casing of the engine. How integral...
  11. wiring woes

    General Discussion
    Okay guys, im new to the site and i am new to owning a Cx500. i found and purchased the bike from a junk yard for $100 engine spins free and everything looks clean. I want to build it as a "bare bones tracker". as such i dont need lights, horn, speedometer, turn signals, etc.. . my question is...
  12. 1980 CX 500 wiring issue

    General Discussion
    Hi, I am having an issue with a bike I got off a friend. I thought I had wired it up correctly, but apparently not when I hit the start button it turns the light on and off. It sounds like a simple fix but I can't find it out. It also has a new CDI starter from I don't...
  13. Just showing off...

    General Discussion
    Finished up a new harness for a CX500 over the weekend. Wired up for Ignitech and electric fan. Simplified out the fuse box (replaced with a single circuit breaker) and removed all the warning lights. Added one of our new three phase regulator/rectifiers specifically designed for LI-ION use...
  14. Rewiring 1978 CX500C to '82: swapping CDI for twin igniters

    Technical Help Forum
    Howdy All, My CDI's kill switch wire B/W is shorting to ground traced to the last connector leading into the CDI (works as advertised to the last part of the circuit). The bike was idling great, and I was just about to saddle-up on a sunny ride to the store (after bike stored in doors all winter...
  15. CX500 M-Unit & M-Button Wiring Diagram for CDI 1980 CX500A

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I've created my first draft for my wiring diagram. This wiring diagram is for a new loom using the Motogadget M-Unit and M-Button. I'm re-wiring a 1980 CX500A CDI The wiring diagram so far only has the ignition system and the handlebar switches. I'd appreciate any corrections...
  16. Help with Motogadget M-Unit & M-Button Wiring

    Technical Help Forum
    Ok so go easy on me :D I've put together a first draft of a wiring diagram for a 1980 CDI CX500. I'm aware it's awful but it's all there hopefully. The wire colours aren't necessarily important as I'm sure these will all be changed with the new wiring I've bought but I wanted to know if this is...
  17. M-Unit wiring diagram for CDI 1980 CX500

    Custom How To
    Hey all, I've searched the whole forum and whilst there are quite a few threads on the Motogadget M-Unit, I'm hoping to find a decent wiring diagram that worked for someone. I'd appreciate it if anyone has one handy. Thanks in advance
  18. Need help with wiring

    Technical Help Forum
    i bought a 1981 honda gl500. im making it into a scrambler/cafe racer. The wiring harness has way to many wires. Should i salvage what i have or is there a wiring harness already made that is the simple stuff.
  19. Switch Wire Harness or Rear Cover??

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I recently purchased a 78 motor for my 82 and realize now that the wiring and CDI are different. What would be a good way to handle this issue? Can the engine be converted with the other rear cover and converted to the new system or will I need to put in a new harness and CDI box? Thanks!
  20. Sharpen up battery area 79 cx500

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hey guys any ideas to sharpen up this bad boy. I bought this bike this way. I have some shrink wrap tubes but I was wondering if any of you have just moved the battery and wiring elsewhere.