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  1. Australia - CX500
    Gday All, Looking to see if any local shops/sites stock wiring for the bike? Specifically original colours? Have noticed some international sites, just seeing if anyone knows of a local business I can support. Looking at starting to build a complete new wiring harness in the coming weeks...
  2. Technical Help Forum
    Hey first time posting on here. I just tried to draw up my own wiring diagram to start to rewire my bike with an M-Unit. I think i've got it figured out, but im not 100%. Can anyone on here take a look and let me know if they see any major errors? Any help would be great!
  3. Technical Help Forum
    I picked up what I believe to be a 1982 CX500 motor from a buddy of mine. The motor came from a bike that was total in an accident, and as salvage yard do, they sliced all wires right at the rear cover. I've downloaded SEVERAL wiring diagrams for the bike but unfortunately they haven't helped me...
  4. General Discussion
    Finished up a new harness for a CX500 over the weekend. Wired up for Ignitech and electric fan. Simplified out the fuse box (replaced with a single circuit breaker) and removed all the warning lights. Added one of our new three phase regulator/rectifiers specifically designed for LI-ION use...
1-4 of 4 Results