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  1. GL650 - Front Wheel Stiff After Reassembly

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello CX500 Community! First off, I gotta say I have been a lurker on this forum for months now, and it's so relieving and refreshing to see such a positive community of people who are happy to share their knowledge. I'm here reading and researching at least once a day! Alas, it's finally come...
  2. Cognito Moto Custom GL650 Rear Spoke Hub w/ Disk Brake Conversion

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello All, I figured this would be the (most?) appropriate place for this kind of thing. I contacted the custom shop over at Cognito Moto recently to have a rear wheel hub built custom for a GL650. They are purveyors of fine custom parts such as the somewhat similar CX500 spoked hub disk brake...
  3. 1980 CX500 Deluxe Front Axle twist/binding

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello! My steering had huge notches in the travel caused by 37 year old head bearings. I replaced them with some All Balls bearings, however my test ride revealed a slow motion wobble back and forth while attempting to ride straight. It like when you roll a tire and as it slows, it tips left to...
  4. 1980 CX500 Custom Parts

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I've got some extra parts laying around I would like to get rid of. Shoot me reasonable offers. Buyer pays shipping. H-Box with some yamaha mufflers the PO welded on (will be trying to remove)
  5. Rebuild (tear down and re-assemble) Front Turbo wheel

    General Discussion
    Hello, hate to ask this question. But I have a front wheel off a (I think) 82 CX 650 Turbo front wheel and fork combo. The forks have been almost completely rebuilt, however the front wheel rim has seen way better days. What I want to do is get the front wheel anodized. I found a place to do it...
  6. Cant get front wheel on again...?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys. I took my wheels off because I needed to get them painted. Now I cant get the front wheel on again. The problem is the speedometer drive. I cant get it proberly on the rim again. I cant seem to remember how the iron packing were... Were it in the speedometer drive or in the wheel...
  7. Wheel Size

    Technical Help Forum
    I just bought a 1980 CX500C which currently has 16 inch wheels. How big a rear wheel can I put on it? Is there such a thing as an 18 inch wheel?
  8. Comstar vs Revers Comstar trouble swapping

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi CX fans! I got an issue with swapping wheels,I had a 16" reverse comstar rear and reverse comstar 18 front wheel. I installed a new set of perfect looking comstar ,in the back no issue, but the front wheel is giving trouble (is on the original fork and calipers), the wheel does not spin...