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valve adjustment

  1. Sheared Tappet Bolts

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all, I've got a '79 CX500C. It's been rattling since I bought it from the previous owner and I wanted to adjust the valve clearances. As I was doing the adjustment two of the tappet bolts sheared right off, taking the nut with them. I have a few questions: Could I have been doing...
  2. Cylinder Head Rebuild - Large Gap Between Valve and Adjustment Screw

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, Hoping to get some feedback on a concern I have come across during my cylinder head rebuild. After removing the right cylinder head and rebuilding (cleaning/checking valves, checking valve to guide clearances, lapping seats, new guide seals etc) I installed a new head gasket...
  3. One exhaust is pushing out more power than the other (dual)

    Technical Help Forum
    Noticing lately that I'm burning oil (or so I believe) in my right cylinder. Reason I state this is on some starts, I'll get whitish smoke from my RH exhaust (not condensation at all), as well, tiny droplets of black splatters on my rear differential. Also, when putting my hand at both ends of...
  4. Rookie Mistake: broken cover, part in engine

    Technical Help Forum
    Long story short: I was looking to do a valve clearance check. My mind was somewhere else. I was turning the cover of the crank bolt in the wrong direction and it broke. The Broken part must be in the engine. I haven't touched it once I realized this. That missing piece looks too big to...
  5. Technical help for a noob - RPM & cam chain questions

    Technical Help Forum
    I got my cx500 a few months ago and first time I ever rode a bike was in february. However, I have a degree in mechanical engineering and have always enjoyed DIY stuff so I have some basic knowledge and am trying to do all the work myself. I've fully taken apart the carbs, cleaned them...
  6. Frozen engine inspection cover

    Technical Help Forum
    While starting on adjusting the valves on my 78 deluxe, I ran into a snag while trying to remove the 17mm engine inspection cover. I'm using a 6 point socket and it won't budge. As always, I'm paranoid that I'll round it off or snap the head. The current plan is to apply some penetrating oil...