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tyre size

  1. 18inch front and 17inch rear wheels on 1978 CX500

    Custom How To
    Hi All, I have been searching the old threads and found much info, but didn't manage to find the answer to my specific question, so wondering f someone can assist, please? i am aiming to replace the Comstar wheels on my 1978 CX500 with spoke rims and radial tyres. From another project, I...
  2. Tire Size : Hedienau K60

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, This is a basic question, I'm new to building bikes, no mechanical knowledge when I started out. almost completed my first ever build, 1982 honda CX500b (UK Model) I just need new tires. and need some help. I really wanna go with the Hedienau K60 scout on the front and rear. Really...