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  1. Don't Buy this!

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    So if you're looking for replacement switch gear - stick with oem from a newer honda. This stuff is junk. This is as far as I could drive the two screws, the buttons feel brittle. I'm just really mad at myself for not spending the coin.
  2. Aftermarket turn signals, what flasher relay to use?

    Where Can I Find...
    Hey I recently swapped my stock turn signals on my 1982 CX500 Custom with these: They are single filament, so they don't have the running lights on them. I got them wired up correctly, but my flasher relay...
  3. Removing front turn signal brackets - 82' CX500 Custom

    Custom How To
    I'm installing aftermarket turn signals on my 1982 Honda CX500 Custom. I am wondering if anybody knows how to remove the stock mounting brackets. Do you need to dissassemble/ remove the entire fork? I have attached a shitty picture. I will go take a better one for clarification. Thanks.