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  1. Battery compatible with stock Rectifier.

    Technical Help Forum
    Looking for a small batter that can utilize the stock rectifier. Information - Building an electronics tray for solenoid,CDI, wiring. Willing to make second box if needed for lead acid battery to stand straight up. Plan on upgrading turn signals/brake lights/headlight.
  2. How do i handle all this wiring?

    Technical Help Forum
    Picked up a stock bike 1980 CX, i want to Cafe the bike. I took out the air box and am Re Jetting along wit some K&N Pods. But how the hell do i handle all this wiring. Its a little over whelming. My goal is to have a pretty clean side profile. And im worried i dont have enough space on the...
  3. New bike with just a couple electrical problems.

    Technical Help Forum
    I recently got a 1979 CX500 delux and everything works wonderfully expect for a couple issues. I've never done maintenance or troubleshooting on a bike before so any help is appreciated. 1. Right side turn signals don't flash but stay illuminated. I bought a new relay and the problem persisted...
  4. 4 Wire, LED Turn-Signal/Brake-Light Installation

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, First post here on the forum. Just recently purchased a 78 CX500 and working on some mods/upgrades. I purchased the bike with no turn signals, but i'm installing a LED Turn-Signal/Brake-Light combo (turn and brake light are same unit) that are 4 wires a piece and i'm curious if...
  5. 79 cx500 c turn signal help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey so I have a 79 cx500 custom with a windjammer that recently got wrecked. Instead of sticking with the busted up windjammer I've decided just remove it and replace it with a headlight and turn signals. So I picked up some turn signals (with the brackets) for a 79 but I can't seem to figure...
  6. replacement turn signal doesn't blink

    General Discussion
    I had to replace one of my turn lights. and I can't figure out the wiring. The way I have it set up right now, the light will get brighter, but it will simply stay bright until I shut it off, instead of blinking the way it obviously should. Additionally, the rear signal doesn't do anything...
  7. Wring Problems - Headlights, Turn Signals, Sparkplugs

    Technical Help Forum
    Wiring Problems - Headlights, Turn Signals, Sparkplugs My '82 CX500C isn't starting. I've posted earlier about the lack of spark and I was referred to a page on it, but I couldn't find the solution. It's not a problem with the main fuse and I'm not sure how to check the starter and ignition...
  8. Need a front right turn signal!!! Like everyone will pay top dollar. CX500 Turbo.

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Name your price. This is the last piece to fix my bike. I bought a perfect 500mile CX500 Turbo and the trucker dropped it. Driving me crazy!!!!! :serious::money::serious::serious::serious:
  9. Cooling help

    Technical Help Forum
    First off, thank you to everyone here... I'm new to bikes and have been turning a donor 79 cx500 custom into a cafe' of sorts. I'm having a great time but I'm stuck now. I just installed new blinkers and first off, they turn on but don't flash, also, since I messed with that wiring I'm...
  10. New Flasher Relay, Now Turn Signals Won't Work at All.

    Technical Help Forum
    Sorry if this topic is posted somewhere else already, but I tried for an hour and couldn't find it. I've got a 1982 gl500 that's pretty much stock with some new incandescent turn signals installed. The original two prong flasher relay went bad so I replaced it with a new one that also had two...
  11. What did I do? Fixing turn signal now no electrical at all!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All, My turn signals stopped working awhile ago. Today, I was screwing around with the relay in the side panel and connected the wires incorrectly. The relay clicked over really fast then I turned off the ignition. Now I have no power at all. Nothing, not even the indicator lights. I...
  12. turn signal indicator relay

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi. I am a newer member and appreciate any help I can get. I recently purchased a 1980 cx500c. I have a service manual but of course they can only cover so much. My problem is that the manual indicates that for that year the indicator relay should be inside the headlight housing and it simply...
  13. Turn signals and horn quit working

    Technical Help Forum
    Last week, my turn signals and my horn quit working. Have done extensive troubleshooting and have not found the problem. 1983 CX650C Here is what I have done: all fuses are good horns work if I bypass the relay. exchanged to another horn relay and no change front turn signal lights are on...
  14. LED turn signals not working even with new electrical flasher

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All, I've read through many of the threads on installing LED turn signals and I can't find one that addresses the problem I'm having. I purchased these turn signals: 4 x Motorcycle 12 LED Turn Signal Indicators Lights Light Universal New EP98 | eBay as well as this flasher relay: Buy...