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  1. Only Left Cylinder Running - What haven't I checked?

    Technical Help Forum
    78 CX500, Larry's Carbs, Ignitech. Prior to this issue, bike ran great and started right up. never an issue. Bike was running great. It sat for a little too long and I know some crud was in the carbs because the idle was rough. I cleaned the carbs, put the bike back together and it won't...
  2. '81 CX500 Coolant system issue

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All! I am posting today due to a coolant issue with my bike. I feel that I have exhausted all options, but maybe I can get some help. The Story One afternoon, I was riding. Coolant was spraying from the Front-lower-right side I'd the radiator (near drain plug) Tested the radiator, it...
  3. 81 CX500 Electrical Troubleshooting

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm venturing into working on my bike for the first time. After sitting for months in the Nashville winter, it was great to get it running yesterday with a charged battery and a little Seafoam. Felt amazing to ride after 7 months. The most apparent problem is that the battery...
  4. Is my Ignitech bad?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, I've been having a big problem lately. My bike (80 CX500C) has only been firing on a single cylinder. I have checked you guys multiple times, and bought a new starter solenoid thinking it wasn't having the right voltage sent to the Ignitech. But I bought a new one, still, only 1...