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  1. Sport Demon vs Lasertec tires

    General Discussion
    I've been looking for tires available in the correct size for my 81 CX500C, and the two main options I've come to are the Pirelli Sport Demon tires and the Metzeler Lasertec tires. I'm leaning towards the Sport Demons, but I was wondering if any of you had experience with either type or have a...
  2. 16" Dual Purpose tires for GL500?

    Technical Help Forum
    I was wondering if anyone had any luck finding a pair of knobby (dual sport tires) that would fit the Honda gl500 safely. I’ve been looking but haven’t had any luck. The tread I’m looking doesn’t need to be crazy just a little more than the interstate tires I have on it now. There are plenty of...
  3. Shinko 244 tires on a GL500i. What issues might I run into?

    Technical Help Forum
    I run about 6 miles of dirt/gravel road on my normal commute, and while a pair of Shinko 230 Tourmaster skins does the trick well enough, I wouldn't mind feeling a little more confident on the dirt. Additionally, I wouldn't mind being able to do a bit more adventure riding. There are so many...
  4. Old fool who doesn't know enough about wheels.

    Technical Help Forum
    I did post a thread about finding a mudguard but this seems to be more important. I have a MKII SM Avon on the front of my CX500 and according to some users this is a terrible idea. Is there anyone who can confirm this? 

  5. tires for 80 CX500?

    General Discussion
    I just restored a 1980 CX500 Deluxe. Can anyone recommend good tires? Can the rear take a 4" tire? Thanks!
  6. CX650E tires selection

    General Discussion
    Good day Recently got CX650E. Generally in poor condition, requires overhaul and some restoration... But that is another topic. There is an idea to convert it into kind of scrambler type. However, met problem with tires selection for her wheels size. The rims are both 18", and when there is...
  7. 1979 CX500 Standard - Tire Size

    General Discussion
    Hey guys... Not in a rush but, one of my next purchases is going to have to be tires. I don't want to assume that what's on the bike now is correct, in case the previous owner's went a little wide/narrow... however, reading through threads and looking online, I'm seeing a variety of numbers...
  8. Firestone Vintage Motorcycle Tires

    Canada - CX500
    Hey guys, do you have any links/websites for a Canadian store that sells firestone vintage style motorcycle tires? Checked around here and no one carries them, and hoping to avoid big shipping/duty/exchange charges buying from the USA.
  9. Thoughts on Metzler 880's and 888's

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all, did a quick search and nothing popped up for any of my keywords, so here we are. I recently purchased a 1980 CX500 Deluxe that has the Vetter Windjammer Mk. IV and matching hard bags. It has around 130k on it, and being that it is my first bi-wheeled motor vehicle, and having put on...
  10. What kind of tires do you ride?

    General Discussion
    I'm just seeing what everyone else here rides on? On my GL500 I have Kenda K671s Have almost 9k miles on them, and they have a ton of life left in them. They've handled great for me, in rain as well. But I'm looking for tires for my GL650 right now, and I'm probably going to order the same set...
  11. noob tire question. please help

    General Discussion
    I have a 1980 CX500 Deluxe which is for all intensive purposes fully stock. I'm having trouble sorting through multiple other threads about what size tires will or will not fit on these bikes without modifications. I'm thinking about getting a set of Michelin Commander II's for it because they...
  12. What Tire Size?

    Technical Help Forum
    I am swapping out my comstar wheels for GL1000 spoked ones. The question I have is this. The rim will now be a 17" instead of the stock 16" So should I get a 130/80 x17 or the 130/90x17. I bought the 130/80x17 and it is about 1/2" shorter in height than the stock tire. But this is off the rim...
  13. First bike first questions

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey folks I'm excited for my first post here. This is a first for me in more than one way but I've had a great time reading around. So I bought my first bike with "20,000" miles on it, worn tires, loose head tube bearing, and instruments that don't work. I've picked out a pair of shinko 712s...