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  1. CBR 600 Vintage Tires / Tyres

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, I am looking to put a CBR 600rr set of usd forks on my CX500. I would however want to put a vintage look tyre on the wheel to keep the same look. I am currently running a dunlop k70 90x35 on the front comstar (i think) but I know the 600rr has a different tyre size. Any...
  2. 1979 CX500 Standard - Tire Size

    General Discussion
    Hey guys... Not in a rush but, one of my next purchases is going to have to be tires. I don't want to assume that what's on the bike now is correct, in case the previous owner's went a little wide/narrow... however, reading through threads and looking online, I'm seeing a variety of numbers...
  3. Valve Stem Replacement

    Technical Help Forum
    Ordering something online, need a few bucks more for free shipping, and I know when I change my tires I'll probably need to change the valve stem... looked through the manual but didn't see it, but, is there a size or something I should be looking at when buying them online? Some will say a...
  4. noob tire question. please help

    General Discussion
    I have a 1980 CX500 Deluxe which is for all intensive purposes fully stock. I'm having trouble sorting through multiple other threads about what size tires will or will not fit on these bikes without modifications. I'm thinking about getting a set of Michelin Commander II's for it because they...
  5. Removing front wheel

    Technical Help Forum
    I need some help getting my front tire off. There seems to be a cap (haynes term) over the nut and split pin (right hand side). I can't get this mo-fo off!