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  1. Manufacturing a new automatic timing chain tensioner

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    I purchased a CX 650 after I really got to like the style and look of them. This purchase was a barn find, and the fact that it had sat for 10 years in a loft and just over 20,000 K on it... I thought it may be an ok purchase seeing as the engine was not seized. To my amazement, the fuel tank...
  2. Timing chain issue

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    Hi there, New cx owner here and I am working on rebuilding my engine. As some background, I have gotten at least 300 miles on the bike with no issues, I am now in the middle of an engine rebuild. Opened up the engine to take a look and learn a bit about the bike, replace some gaskets, and...
  3. GL650 timing chain snapped. Help Please?

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    I am a newbie to the gl500/650 but not new to Hondas. I recently bought a GL500I then bought a Standard GL650 with 9000miles on it. So I took the fairing and bags off 500 and put them on the 650. I finally got the project done after getting my 83 fairing mount. The 650 had a Rattle to it so I...