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  1. Manufacturing a new automatic timing chain tensioner

    Technical Help Forum
    I purchased a CX 650 after I really got to like the style and look of them. This purchase was a barn find, and the fact that it had sat for 10 years in a loft and just over 20,000 K on it... I thought it may be an ok purchase seeing as the engine was not seized. To my amazement, the fuel tank...
  2. That noise turned out to be a lack of *any* cam chain tension

    Technical Help Forum
    Some of you may recall that I got a 1978 CX running that had been sat for 30 years. I was concerned about the noise it was making and after having a finger through the inspection port, I discovered the manual tensioner was sat in its lowest position. Then I pushed the cam chain...that was...
  3. Cam chain + tensioner vs milage

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    I have a general question. What kind of mileage can be got out of cam chains and tensioners assuming they have been properly maintained. 15000 mi 20000 mi 25000 mi 30000 mi 45000 mi 50000 mi? I did a triple bypass once on a bike that had 19000 miles. I replaced both the chain and the...
  4. I know the answer but I really don't want to have to drop the engine.

    Technical Help Forum
    So I was adjusting the valves today, figured they probably happened been done in about 10 years and while I was at it stupidly decided to adjust the cam chain tensioner. I did it by the book and it should have been fine but no. Instead of tightening it the tensioner has let it go really loose...