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temperature gauge

  1. Tach/Temp Gauge issues

    Technical Help Forum
    father and I working on my 1980 cx500c and attempting to trouble shoot some after market tach and temp gauges installed previously. The speedometer gauge works just fine, however the right gauge (temp and tach) do not function. This is a link to the gauges currently installed...
  2. Temperatur Gauge Problem

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everybody, Since last week I am a proud owner of a GL 500 I. The bike is running great. The only issue I have is the temperature gauge. When I am starting my ride the gauge comes up nicely, but mostly to the end of it, the gauge goes back to 0 and stays there. At the beginning of the next...
  3. Temperature switch/gauge?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi, I am new here and I recently (last Friday) acquired an 1982 CX500 'Shadow' and have gotten straight to modifying it. So far I have stripped paint off tank and sprayed in a clear coat, painted frame, general tidy up, and I'm waiting on new bars, grips, mirrors, lights, indicators, seat, and...
  4. Temp/ temp gauge/ cooling issues?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I am working on a 1979 cx500c. I bought it from a kid recently who told me that there was a temperature issue. He said he was told that it was a mech seal issue in the water pump. I check the engine oil, it all looks brand new. There doesn't seem to be any coolant leaking into the...