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  1. tail light and back fender.HELP pls

    General Discussion
    Ok so I just got a cx500 yesterday. And I ordered a new seat and new handlebars. I found out how to change the bars. But I can't find cx500 tail lights any where. I took of the original one and the fender and light and everything just comes off together. I'm so confused on how to do it right. I...
  2. Ignition Switch/Tail Light Trouble

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I've been having some trouble with my bike (83 CX650 Custom) and need a new ignition switch/assembly. When I turn the key the bike doesn't really turn on, I have to do a 1/4 turn back for it to turn on. This was working for awhile until I started going down the highway recently...
  3. Tail Light Not Working.

    Technical Help Forum
    i just got my first bike, its an 81 cx500. and the owner i bought it from said that the previous owner had problems with the tail light not working so he wired a switch and connected it directly to the battery, so now the tail light turns on only with the switch and not when the bike is turned...