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  1. CX650C with CX650T primary drive

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, Has anyone ever tried running a CX650C with a CX650TC primary drive? There is a 22% difference between the two, 1.725 vs 2.114. This should yield about 1K RPM difference at 5K. It sounds a lot... but I can't stop imagining my CX cruising at 80mph/5K rpm (instead of 6K). I know...
  2. Can I eliminate the air hose on GL500 forks?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I'm looking at swapping the front end of my CX500 with a GL500 Interstate for the dual rotor / caliper look. The only thing I'm not crazy about (aesthetically) is the air hose and fillers on the top of the fork tubes. I was wondering what I'd be losing (other than adjustability) by...
  3. CX 500 turbo swap

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    So late 2016 i picked up a cx500 custom for cheeaaap, and I got it running alright. A week later, i discovered that honda made a turbo model, searched and searched on craigslist and i found a cx500 turbo for $200 and it had 1,800 original miles :D:D lol the wheels were rotted out and the frame...
  4. Engine swap help

    General Discussion
    I currently own a 1982 cx500 custom bobber. Blew my engine, not sure what yet but it seized up solid. Question I have is: I have found a 79 cx5 which runs perfectly and am wondering if it (the engine) will fit into my 82? Anyone know? Thanks
  5. engine swap

    Technical Help Forum
    planning to rip out my fully finished 1982 motor and replace it with a 1978 back engine cover because i have the stator wires does not match all my electrical. will my 1978 back engine cover fit my 1982 engine block? this part
  6. Swap brake lever and master cylinder?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, thanks for a great forum! I love this place. Now, I had to change my brake lever, and bought a new one from a mechanic. It should be original, but the fit was very tight. So, I tried to gently pry it into the slot, and suddenly the top part of the mount snapped off! No good. So I am...