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  1. Rear Shock Absorbers

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a suggestion from you: I'm going to replace my 40 years old rear shocks and I found a pair that i really love, but they are 350mm eye to eye (the standard one are 320mm). How much do you think they would compromise the bike handling and comfort? I know in race bikes...
  2. 1983 Honda CX 650 C stripped Fork Tube Cap

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, I am a new member here, I've been riding for exactly one year, and am starting to do more involved work on the bike. One of my front forks has been leaking oil for a couple months. I've done research on this forum and others to see the steps and took a shot at it myself last weekend...
  3. Progressive suspension upgrade for gl500

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello, I want to upgrade the front fork suspension of my 1982 Gl500i and i just wanted to know if the springs provided by progressive suspension would be any good in place of the OEM ones. If anyone has used this product it would be good to get some feedback on it. Here is a link to the...
  4. Pro Link: To Remove or not Remove

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi All I am doing a CX650E project and have been looking at removing the prolink system all together and modifying the swing arm to accept a new monoshock. A local guy I spoke to told me he has done a couple of these for some customers but no real feedback on how well it has worked. Removing...
  5. New Bike new member 81 cx500 Deluxe

    General Discussion
    I have been hankering after a traverse twin for a wile and tonight I finally got one. For $400 I got a 81 CX500 Deluxe with 38k, a full fairing, and saddle bags. The bike had been sitting for 2 years, heck the registration is good till next month:icon_thumbright:, and it has a dead battery with...
  6. Front Fork Oil Replacement GL650

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I am looking for help/advice with replacing the oil in the front forks of my 1983 Honda GL650. I have the right oil and a drip pan, but I cannot get the top bolts off of the forks. They are on there very tightly and are a weird shape, due to the valve for the air hose. Has anyone...
  7. Shock [not wheel] Travel

    Technical Help Forum
    I've got an 82 CX500 Custom that I'm trying to fill out the Race Tech Swingarm Geometry Form to get a pair of their custom shocks. I will post a scan of the form below [I will post the completed form in the modification thread as well as the wiki for others to use]. I've got all of the...