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  1. Stator results. LH Adv Pulsar Zero. Low Top Speed. What to fix?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, Hope I can maybe get some advice on here, I couldn't find my exact issue on the thread so I thought I'd post my stator results and bike info/issues. Mainly high RPM issues above 5k, can only get the bike up to 100kmph at 6k rpm, sorta just bogs after that and across all gears. I had...
  2. 1978 CX500 - Stator / R-R / Battery Charging - Totally Befuddled

    Technical Help Forum
    Firstly let me say "Howsit" and introduce myself, I am a new owner of a 1978 CX500 sitting in sunny Cape Town, South Africa and I'm obviously new to the forum. I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to gain as much knowledge on my new pride and joy from all you CX500 boffins! After spending the...
  3. battery not being charged, GL 400

    Technical Help Forum
    Bike is a 1985 GL400, Japanese spec CX500, TI ignition, runs well and has a new good quality lead acid battery. Bike ran out of electricity after filling up with fuel, a quick bump start down the road and all went well. Had a brand new spare reg/rectifier at home and fitted it straight away, all...
  4. Stator Check

    Technical Help Forum
    I just checked my stator, measuring the resistance from each pin to ground; all 3 connections appear shorted to ground. Seems strange; I could understand 1 but all 3? Or is this normal? The resistance pin to pin is 0 as would be expected on a good stator. The voltage at 2000 RPM is around 18...
  5. Help understanding stator test, Is my stator bad?????

    Technical Help Forum
    I've read several posts on testing my gl650I stator but am having trouble understanding my results. I checked the resistance on the 3 yellow wires in pairs and all tested like they should. I then checked from ground (negative battery terminal) to each of the yellow wires. I was surprised to...
  6. Charging System: Help Interpreting Test Results

    Technical Help Forum
    My battery is losing power, not recharging. The bike won't start after a few rides on a fully charged battery. Battery Tests I tested using two fully charged batteries. neither of which I'm confident are in great shape, but both of which are showing approximately the following: - Full charge...
  7. Online Stator Test now available

    General Discussion
    Hi guys. After months of development, thousands of lines of code and at least a half dozen people testing it out the online stator diagnostic tool is ready to be released! In a nutshell, it’s a page where you input your bike’s serial number and your stator’s resistance readings and it should...