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  1. 1983 650 GL Sliverwing - Hard starting in the spring after winter

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, Had a weird process of starting my Silverwing after sitting for the winter. When starting it, I pulled both plug wires off to make sure I could hear a spark (tick tick tick), then with both plug wires pushed back on the bike would not start despite choke, no choke etc... I then...
  2. Engine Problems - Backfiring & Poor Starting

    Technical Help Forum
    My '82 CX500C has trouble starting and once it's started, it has a really rough idle and it backfires. I plan on rebuilding the carburetor, but I'm not sure if that's the only problem. What could be the problems?
  3. Wring Problems - Headlights, Turn Signals, Sparkplugs

    Technical Help Forum
    Wiring Problems - Headlights, Turn Signals, Sparkplugs My '82 CX500C isn't starting. I've posted earlier about the lack of spark and I was referred to a page on it, but I couldn't find the solution. It's not a problem with the main fuse and I'm not sure how to check the starter and ignition...
  4. New to the forum. New to the Bike. Starting question.

    Midwest CX500 Owners
    I have recently purchased a 1979 CX500 that had been sitting for a while. To my surprise after putting in a new battery and ignition (It had been sitting in some guys back yard for god knows how long) it started and ran for a minute (WHAT) However, the second time I tried to start it the...
  5. I can't start my motorcycle....

    Technical Help Forum
    My list of problems continues. This is a good learning experience! Okay, my bike has been running fine for months since I replaced the alternator in order to get the full potential out of it. But last week, I went down in the morning (London, 7:30am about 8 celsius (45 fahrenheit)) and the...