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starting problems

  1. 81 CX500C Won't Fire - Newbie Needs Some Help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone! My 81 CX500C (cdi ignition) cafe project is so close to the finish line, but I keep getting held up. Let me explain. Bought it two years ago as a Craigslist find for $300. The odometer had 25,XXX miles on it, but it was definitely not running. Tore it down completely and...
  2. Battery sparking when voltage meter connected, bike won't start

    Technical Help Forum
    So my CX500 has had zero electrical / battery / charging system issues since I changed the stator & RR on it about 6 months ago. That is until today. Grrr. I went to start it up and got nothing from the start-button (headlight is bright / no dimming, no sounds, etc). Assuming it was my...
  3. CX500 - replaced solenoid & battery - still won't crank

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I'm no mechanic by any means, so please pardon my ignorance here... I'm having issues with my 1980 CX500. My lady was cruising it down the road when I noticed her lights weren't on. I had her stop and noticed the battery was boiling over and smoking pretty bad. I replaced the...
  4. 1982 Honda Gl500 no spark!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi there, I am new to this forum thing... i am working on a 1982 honda gl500 silverwing. The bike was running and starting fine a few days ago. The owner melted the battery (due to a loose neg connection) and now with new battery there is no spark in either of the plugs. Not sure if this is...
  5. CX500 wont start but will easily start while pushed in gear. Carb?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello CX500 forumers, I recently did a quick clean of the carbs on my 78 CX to try and nurture this problem of the bike not starting or even sputtering when turning over but it will start easily when I push start it in gear. It runs better now but the problem still persists. Is there facet of...
  6. Electrical Problem...Help!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, Im running a 1982 gl500. I have had a short problem for a few months now. When I use my turn signal, the front ones work but the back ones both flash, no matter which direction. This I could live with because i didn't have much time to troubleshoot. If anyone knows how to isolate...
  7. Electrical help! 78 CX500 won't crank

    Technical Help Forum
    I am new to this bike. It was stored for 20 years (incorrectly). It was going to be sold to local salvage. I have spent time cleaning, so some water/degreaser has been used sparingly. I bought a new battery and got instrument lights to go on...but only by fiddling with the key?? I did get...
  8. Problems starting

    Technical Help Forum
    I have an '79 cx500 and having problems with her starting. I have spark n fuel, when i put one set of carbs on she back fires alot but doesn't run and with the other set i get nothing. Please help because she's a lovely ride when she works n would love to put more miles on her n show her off.