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starting on one cylinder

  1. New Member, GL650 Starting question

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    Hello All... I owned a GL500 back in 1982 for a few years. Sold it when I moved and always regretted that... I am a long time rider and have a 96 Goldwing... HOWEVER, I am on the verge of buying what seems like a mint GL650 for nostalgic reasons... This bike appears to be in a very good...
  2. CX 650 Left hand cylinder misfire til warm

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    Hi there CX fans worldwide. I rebuilt my CX 650E over a year ago and still have issue with it starting on one cylinder with lots of popping on the left hand (LH) cylinder until it fires evenly after about 3 to 4 mins as it warms up . Once warm and ridden it will always start on both cylinders...