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  1. Slow turnover when starting

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, My 83 GL 650i is sidelined for a problem I'm having trouble tracking down. When I hit the starter button, the engine turns over very slowly. It did this for a few days, and then stopped starting altogether. I was far from home at the time, but it bump started in second gear fairly...
  2. Starter won't disengage

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, So I just replaced my starter solenoid, (after a little diagnostic, shorted old one with a screw driver, determined this was the issue). The new solenoid seemed to do the trick, pressed the started button and the bikes started up. However, I hear a weird whirring sound so kill the...
  3. CX500C '81 won't start, electrical problem with starter motor

    Technical Help Forum
    So, tried starting my CX today. It was a cold foggy morning, so I knew it wasn't going to start on the first go, but I wasn't quite prepared for this shit storm. When I pushed the start button, the starter motor turned lazily over a few times followed by nothing. Now when I push start, it makes...