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  1. CX500 Starting/Idle Problem driving me Crazy

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello CX500 World! I'm hoping the fine members of the CX500 can convince me not to throw my newly acquired 1982 GL500 Silverwing Interstate off a cliff! I'd have to go down to the bluffs as cliffs are a little hard to find in Minnesota. I little history on how I got to this point..... In...
  2. Engine not starting when hot till cooled down

    Technical Help Forum
    Lately I got quite weird problem with engine. When it is cold it starts and runs without any problems. I can go 100kms without any problem. But as soon as I stop (turn off engine) e.g. for fuel it is not possible to start the engine again. It is dead completely. no a single puff... I have to...
  3. CX500C starts, runs, dies, won't start

    Technical Help Forum
    I've got a '79 CX500C, and it was running great until just recently. On a completely cold start, I can start it on 1/2 choke and it will run for about 30 seconds, at which point (choke or not), it will begin to roughen up and eventually die. After dying, it's difficult/impossible to get...
  4. 80 CX500D wont start suddenly - HELP!

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm having a weird issue with my 1980 cx500d, or at least it seems weird to me. Bike was more or less fine - it has been having some lagging issues under hard acceleration, but otherwise ran/started/idled fine. Then recently I went out to ride it and it wouldn't start. It'll crank hard for quite...
  5. '82 CX500 won't start all of a sudden

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone! new to the forum! I have an '82 CX500 and it won't start for some reason. It was running fine and then I let it sit for about a week this summer and when I started it again it rev'ed up to about 5000 RPM's and wouldn't come down. I shut it off and now it won't start. It does have a...
  6. Starting issues

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys. I recently picked up an '80 CX500D as my first bike and have been lurking the forum ever since. I was hoping to continue learning to ride while the weather was nice and put off major maintenance for over winter, but have developed starting/running issues. The bike became increasingly...
  7. Bike won't start, out of ideas

    Technical Help Forum
    A while back my bike wouldn't start (1981 CX500C), and hasn't started since. So I sent my carbs to Larry, they came back perfect. I cleaned my tank and all the rust from inside and replaced the gas. I got a new fuel line, spark plugs, and charged my battery. And I also got an Ignitech CDI unit...
  8. 1979 cx 500 has spark, fuel, compression, and timing is on but wont start PLEASE HELP

    Technical Help Forum
    I am hoping that some one can help me out. I Just bought a 1979 cx 500. It's getting fuel, has spark, and 160 compression on each side but wont even sputter or even try to start. It turns over fine and the timing is on. I just can't figure it out. PLEASE someone help me out here, maybe it's just...