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  1. Start Button issue (affects headlight), need advice on repair or replacement

    Technical Help Forum
    So thanks to Nolimitz and Larry Cargill, my quad bypass is complete. Still working out a few kinks. My start button is finicky and just a pain in the rear. I really have to sort of mash it and kinda roll it around at times, or come at just the right angle to get the switch to activate the...
  2. Please help! first custom build (81 cx500 deluxe)

    Technical Help Forum
    So I am a Newbie to building a bike, well not completely considering I'm at the finish line of a long cold winter spent in my Garage... anyways I bought an 81 Honda cx500 Deluxe from a friend of mine who had it sitting in his barn the last 2 years and decided to turn it into a Café Racer but...
  3. Missing brass slider from starter switch

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hello all, this question is related to my other thread. I have a cx650 turbo where the starter switch broke apart. I have now found all the pieces with the exception of the brass slider which actually makes the electrical contact when the switch is depressed. I am now thinking of getting a...
  4. Does anyone know if?

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Does anyone know if? => start/kill switch Went out this morning to fire up the 650 turbo to drive it to work. Turned on the ignition, waited for the self test and fuel pump prime, pressed the start button and the plastic start switch fell to the ground, Bummer, Not sure what I did to deserve...
  5. Hold start button, 3-5 second delay before cranking

    Technical Help Forum
    This happens both on cold and hot starts. Cranks just fine, except that I have to hold the start button for a few seconds before anything happens. I just installed new Ignitech CDI (just throwing that info out there, I know it's not a magic cure) and continues to do this. Any suggestions on what...