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  1. Speedometer Cable Clip

    Technical Help Forum
    I picked up a new speedometer cable from Motionpro, but I don't have the clip for it to attach to the speedometer drive gear. Can someone send me a picture of one so I can make it? I can't find one anywhere.
  2. Speedometer not working!

    Technical Help Forum
    When I bought my bike, the speedo did not work. The original owner claimed that it quit and he replaced the cable, to no avail. I figured the speedo must be funny (turning the tripometer knob doesn't turn the readout most of the time) so I grabbed a CB750 speedometer that pretty much definitely...
  3. Speedometer not reading

    Technical Help Forum
    Ok, got her back together and running (finally after the winter tuning) Tested her out last Weekend and noticed my Speedo stopped giving me my speed after a block or two. I thought the cable may have broken or I didn't screw something in tight. I tested both and found that the cable is turning...
  4. will this speedometer work on my bike?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm Mat. i just made my account today. also i just bought my first bike today, a honda cx500 custom. the speedometer is broken, i think its just the cable, but i want to put a new one on. i found this one online, V-Twin Mini Speedometer with 2240:60 Ratio - FXST/FLST Models -...
  5. acewell copy guage, anybody use one?

    Where Can I Find...
    Just wondering if anybody uses the (chinese?) copy of the acewell guage, like this one SUKIDA DIGITAL SPEEDO DASH TACHO CLOCKS CHROME ROUND QUAD ENDURO KIT | eBay Reason I ask is that the plugs on the loom attached are the same as the acewell ones, but wire colours are different to the acewell...