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  1. CX500C problems. Help!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys! New member and a new owner of a wonderful cx500! Well not so wonderful while riding it... I just got the bike 2 weeks ago and bought it unseen. The seller told me everything was mint (restored recently) and no problems. The issue I have is that the bike has shitty acceleration...
  2. RPM and Speed gauge readings fluctuating at high speed

    Technical Help Forum
    Noticed today on my 1983 CX650C that at around 70 mph, the rpm gauge needle fluctuates 500 rpm and the speed gauge needle fluctuates 4 mph while the engine and speed appear steady. Vibration is normal. Noticed this on backroads and on interstate. Motorcycle and engine have been operating...
  3. Help was running beautiful then wants to idle at 5k

    Technical Help Forum
    I had it running beautiful when I fueled up add some sea foam to give the valves a clean and now idle is 5k. Twist throttle bike revs further seams to run well aside from this any thoughts? :confused:Starts well moves well but out of control idle. Difficult to control speed in town with out...
  4. Speed!

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hey, guys. First post! I picked up my first CX500 today. It's a 1980 custom. I've built a few bikes before and I'm really stoked to start on this one. What is the first mod you did to pick up a few cheap, easy horses? What are some more complicated/expensive mods I should plan for the future...