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  1. What Have I Done?!!! - A Clutch Fiasco

    Technical Help Forum
    So, I pulled the clutch basket out of my bike and discovered that my suspicions were right (it was actually in much worse condition than expected). My clutch was fried to the point that the fiber disks were deteriorated and started crumbling off of their disks in some chunks, and the steel...
  2. 1981 CX500 Deluxe won't stay running

    Technical Help Forum
    hey everyone, i am experiencing an issue with my 1981 CX500 Deluxe dying shortly after firing it up. i'll attempt to lay out what has happened up to this point. i was on my way back from the gas station a month or so ago after filling up my tires to ride around a bit; this was my first time...
  3. Wring Problems - Headlights, Turn Signals, Sparkplugs

    Technical Help Forum
    Wiring Problems - Headlights, Turn Signals, Sparkplugs My '82 CX500C isn't starting. I've posted earlier about the lack of spark and I was referred to a page on it, but I couldn't find the solution. It's not a problem with the main fuse and I'm not sure how to check the starter and ignition...
  4. 82 CX500C no spark

    Technical Help Forum
    My 1982 CX500C was working fine for the last few days, but it suddenly stopped working. I tried everything I could think of and finally, with the help of my dad, found out it had no spark by pressing the spark plug to ground and cranking. There is no spark and I don't know why. I'm hearing a lot...
  5. Reading spark plug color help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys, Looking for a bit of help reading my plugs. I went for a short ride this morning, 20-30 minutes, to get my engine up to temp and RPM. It seems to be running great with lots of power and no bogging. I just wanted to check my mixture as I've been tweaking the carbs a bit the last few...
  6. Murray's Carb Install Help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and working on my 1981 CX500 but now I want to get it back on the road. I ordered Murray's carb set last week and worked on the install today then I ran into a couple of issues. Today I got my airbox and old carbs taken off, and the new carbs installed but I seem...
  7. Changed Spark Plugs - After short trip started to die at low RPM

    Technical Help Forum
    Have been working on a 81 CX500 Custom; So Far - The carbs have been cleaned/rebuilt using Larry's Book with an ultra sonic Sealed Air/Vaccum Leaks Replaced Air Filter New Spark Plugs When checking the spark plugs, I pulled them and found they were NKG DCPR7E and I could not find this plug...
  8. Running issues!

    Technical Help Forum
    So I was finally able to get the bike running after cleaning the carbs 3 times.. Now it seems to be backfiring through the exhaust! Fire is also coming out the exhaust pipe when I pull the throttle back with load popping.. I pulled the spark plugs and found the right side was wet with black oil...
  9. Spark plug second opinion

    Technical Help Forum
    I was doing a little maintenance yesterday and decided to check the plugs. I don't have a lot of experience with spark plugs and could use a second opinion: Are these plugs showing signs of of carbon build up? They haven't seen too many miles since they were installed. I haven't noticed any...