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  1. 82 GL500: Starter? Solenoid? Starter Button? Help!

    Technical Help Forum
    My '82 GL500 often won't crank when I press the starter button. When this happens, here are the symptoms: 1. When I press the starter button, the headlight dims 2. When I press the starter button, there is a subtle click down near the starter (NOT at the solenoid) 3. Sometimes squeezing the...
  2. Starter won't disengage

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, So I just replaced my starter solenoid, (after a little diagnostic, shorted old one with a screw driver, determined this was the issue). The new solenoid seemed to do the trick, pressed the started button and the bikes started up. However, I hear a weird whirring sound so kill the...
  3. CX500 - replaced solenoid & battery - still won't crank

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I'm no mechanic by any means, so please pardon my ignorance here... I'm having issues with my 1980 CX500. My lady was cruising it down the road when I noticed her lights weren't on. I had her stop and noticed the battery was boiling over and smoking pretty bad. I replaced the...
  4. Wiring up my starter, thinking diagram might be wrong

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, I am just finishing up a rewire and I am following the wiring diagram that I found here as close as possible. But it appears that the power to the bike from the battery is in the wrong position. From the diagram it just connects to one of the terminals on the solenoid (and not the...