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signal lights

  1. Front signals don't flash rear do.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys My front led bullet signal lights don't flash my rear strip led do. Is there a second relay i need to replace? or maybe I need resistors? Any suggestions would be great.
  2. need signal light ideas

    Where Can I Find...
    Hey I'm new to the forum. not sure how this works.just got a cx 500 thats kind of a bobber and i'm having a hard time figuring what to do for rear signal lights so i can pass utahs state inspection. also im looking for a front fender if you have any ideas let me know please.
  3. changing out my signal/running lights

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, I'm in the process of switching out my signal and running lights to something a bit smaller on my 1980 deluxe, but I've run into some issues. I'm pretty new to all this stuff. The rear signals are done and fine but when I went to switch the front ones I put in the single filament...