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  1. Shift Drum Cam Plate Position (5th Gear)

    Technical Help Forum
    About to reinstall the rear cover on my triple bypass project and I'm checking the gear shifting as per the old triple bypass page on the wiki (which appears to be offline at the moment). The 5th gear position is not advancing all the way into the slot on the shift drum cam plate as it does on...
  2. How to Remove Shifter Lever Slack on Shaft?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, So recently I've been noticing a fair amount of play in the shifter lever. It's not internal, it's on the outside splines. Either the lever itself is wearing down a bit, or the shaft splines are. It's not too bad yet, but I want to try and fix it before it gets any worse. I was...
  3. Bending Rear Brake Lever and Shifter

    General Discussion
    Hello all, I recently changed the exhaust and foot pegs on my bike, but i find the shifter lever and rear brake lever to be too far away and not sticking far enough out to the side now. What i am wondering is how much can i bend on the two levers without compromising their integrity? Ideally i...
  4. GL650 GL500 CX? MC Enterprises Floorboards, Heel Toe Shifter, Highway Pegs, Crash Bar

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I had these posted in a previous thread. But I haven't figured out how to successfully edit that thread. So it's just easier to make another. I've removed the crash bars now, and cleaned them up a little. They are coming off of a 1983 GL650 with 19k miles on it. I fit them on my 1981 GL500 just...